Chesakova Tetiana
The founder of the Ahead Foundation

The whole life can change in a moment.

February 24, 2022, divided our lives and the lives of all Ukrainians into two periods: “Before” and “After”. “Before” we knew the world where we used to live, work, dream and make plans for the future. “After” everything became different. The explosions and military aggression of the russian federation changed everything. The most terrible thing we could ever imagine happened to us, the war came.

Unfortunately, the war knocked on the door of every family in Ukraine.
From now on, the lives of millions of Ukrainians will be divided into “Before” and “After” periods.
Today we have to adapt to these terrible and difficult realities.
Nevertheless, I am sure that nothing is impossible for us Ukrainians.
The world has united in support of Ukraine. We are all united by helping each other.
As a business owner, I once formed a team of great professionals, and we achieved international recognition.
Today, as a mother and a conscious person, I cannot stand aside when my country is on fire, when lives, houses, hospitals, and kindergartens are being destroyed all around.
I united my team to help people in need. Together we created the Ahead Foundation. We are sure that thanks to the professionalism of our agency’s 16-year experience, the sincerity of our hearts, and our relentless desire to help others, we will manage to provide reliable support for all Ukrainians.

The Foundation's primary goal is

the infrastructure of destroyed cities (schools, kindergartens, and residential buildings)

childhood (provide material and psychological support for young Ukrainians affected by war)

cultural ties between Ukraine and other countries (support for artists, and creative practitioners)

Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.

Areas of work
Reconstruct childhood

Cooperation with orphanages, regarding assistance to children who were affected by the war and lost their families (children whose parents died during the russian aggression). We organize rest and psychological rehabilitation abroad for these children.

Rebuild destroyed cities

Assistance in the reconstruction of destroyed buildings in Ukrainian cities and towns. The main priorities are medical facilities, orphanages, schools, and kindergartens.

Restore cultural ties

Cooperation with Ukrainian artists and creative practitioners, media coverage of the events in Ukraine, and organization of charity auctions.

Tetiana Chesakova
Inna Dobrovolska
Viktoriia Sverbynenko